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Can the unit be set to be security?

It may well.
Alarm kit may be divided into 8 “zones”.
On the panel, you can divide all your sensors (room sensors, door / window) in these zones see chapter 3.3.2C, 3.3.3C and 3.3.4C.
When you activate the alarm, you can choose whether you want to connect all zones or just some of them. Likewise, you – when you get home – set which zones you want disconnected. For example, the basement always have alarms on the windows. The alarm system is also equipped with a “Alert” feature which zones can be connected. In the “Alert” status will alarm panel sounds a “beep” if a movement / opening of the door / opening window records. That way you can get a warning if the brewer door open while you are at home – but without the siren goes off.

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